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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Sir Knight Douglas and Cecilia Dixon


Our Family of the month for December 2013 goes to Douglas and Cez Dixon. During the month of December, Doug managed to get the council to approve the cleaning of the council floors.  He not only got the approval for this to happen but through his constant tenacity he was able to get his Grand Knight and Financial Secretary to join him for over 18 hours of dedicated labor. Together the three of them stripped the floor down to the basic tile cleaned it and waxed it until it shined.  Cez also contributed to this effort by coming over to the hall after work and assisting by supervising and helping get things moved.  Her contribution can not be overlooked. The effort of these two in cleaning the floor was significant in its self but getting the other two members to work with them was an amazing accomplishment.  During the month of December, Doug and Cez also undertook updating the newly created web site.  Again, with many hours of research and work they  produced our new web site that we are proud of.  It is for these reasons in that Douglas and Cez are named our Family of the Month for December.


Brother Knight Gary Kellerman

Chancellor Gary W. Kellerman

Gary W. Kellerman

Our Knight of the month for December 2013 goes to Gary Kellerman. During the month of December, Gary chaired our very successful Blood Drive for the American Red Cross.  This drive was held at Our Lady of Fatima during a crisis blood shortage.  Gary coordinated his work with the Red Cross, got the necessary advertising done and placed within our parish bulletins for several weeks leading up to the drive. He also ensured that there were enough people to help with the drive even though there was other areas of responsibilities going on at that time that took some of the other Brother Knights away from this event.  Gary’s gentle but persistent manner was one of the biggest reasons this blood drive was the success it was.   It is for this reason that our Knight of the Month for December goes to Gary Kellerman.

4th Degree Exemplification

4th_degreeCongratulations to Craig Peterson, Robbie Smith, Charlie Brimmer, and Douglas Dixon for obtaining their 4th Degree Exemplification.

3rd Degree Exemplification

Congratulations to Tim Walters, and Michael Azar for obtaining their 3rd Degree Exemplification.

2nd Degree Exemplification

Congratulations to Jonas Paterno, Tim Walters, and Michael Azar for obtaining their 2nd Degree Exemplification.

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