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Social Meeting 7pm, 3rd Tuesday of the Month

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About Us


Reinhart Schroeder

The Brother Reinhart Schroeder Knights of Columbus Council #9409 is a Catholic, Fraternal organization that lives by the founding principles of charity, unity and fraternity in support of Our Lady of Fatima Church in Biloxi, MS.

Our Council, named after Brother Reinhart Schroeder, an extremely popular and prominent Catholic Gentleman and Knight of Columbus. He was not just a Catholic but an active member of Our Lady of Fatima Parish and a strong member of the Holy Name Society. He was also a Past Grand Knight of Biloxi Council 1244 from 1973-1974. While he was a member of that council he was a main player on the only certified 1st, 2nd and 3rd Degree Initiation team within our state. Performing degree work was something that he loved to do and continued as a team member for over 10 years. It was while participating in the Third Degree Initiation being conducted in Bassfield, Mississippi on January 28, 1979 that he passed away.

Below is an overview of our councils involvement with the Church and Community. We have something for everyone, regardless of your skills or talents, we have a program that you can have an impact on. Almost all of our programs are available for our members, their wives and children’s involvement.


  • Participate and support Parish Life
  • Participate in Irish Priest Reunion
  • Support our Seminarian
  • Participate in R.S.V.P. Program
  • Support Keep Christ in Christmas Program
  • Clean the church monthly after Mass
  • Participate in Diocesan Rosary Rally Pray for Vocations monthly
  • Support the Diocesan Priest Education program
  • Sponsor Quarterly Corporate Communion
  • Help with the International Spring Fest


  • Sponsor Tootsie Roll Drive
  • Maintain Street clean up of Pass Road Section.
  • Visit the sick
  • Sponsor Blood Drives
  • Sponsor St. Paddy’s Day Dinner


  • Support St. Vincent  De Paul Food Drive
  • Sponsor Family Social
  • Sponsor Ladies Auxiliary
  • Sponsor Annual Family Picnic
  • Select Family of the Month
  • Select Family of the Year
  • Sponsor Annual Memorial Service
  • Host Monthly Socials
  • Organize an Annual Fraternal Benefit Night
  • Offer exclusive Life Insurance
  • Offer Annuities
  • Offer Roth Individual Retirement Plan
  • Offer Long Term Care for families


  • Provide support for the C.Y.O.
  • Sponsor Altar Server Appreciation
  • Provide Scholarships
  • Support TEEN ACTS Retreat
  • Support CYO Convention
  • Support Pro-Life March
  • Sponsor Free Throw Competition
  • Sponsor Soccer Challenge
  • Sponsor Essay Contest
  • Sponsor K.C. Poster Contest
  • Organize annual Children’s Christmas party


  •  Donate to Knights of Columbus MS Pro Life Fund
  • Support Silver Rose Programs
  • Participate in Pro Life Chain
  • Set up Pro Life display in Church
  • Participate in Pro Life March in January


  • Sponsor Membership Drives
  • Sponsor Fraternal Benefit Night
  • Host our Annual Memorial Service for deceased Members and their Wives
  • Sponsor our own First Degree Team
  • Nominate Knight of the Year
  • Produce Monthly Newsletter
  • Sponsor Yard Sales


  •  Host Quarterly Membership Drives
  • Maintain Certified First-Degree Team
  • Maintain Admission Committee
  • Maintain Reactive and Proactive Retention Committees
  • Sponsor a Very Important Proposer Program


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