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Family of the Month

Honoring our families that have excelled during the month.

Sir Knight Douglas and Cecilia Dixon


Our Family of the month for December 2013 goes to Douglas and Cez Dixon. During the month of December, Doug managed to get the council to approve the cleaning of the council floors.  He not only got the approval for this to happen but through his constant tenacity he was able to get his Grand Knight and Financial Secretary to join him for over 18 hours of dedicated labor. Together the three of them stripped the floor down to the basic tile cleaned it and waxed it until it shined.  Cez also contributed to this effort by coming over to the hall after work and assisting by supervising and helping get things moved.  Her contribution can not be overlooked. The effort of these two in cleaning the floor was significant in its self but getting the other two members to work with them was an amazing accomplishment.  During the month of December, Doug and Cez also undertook updating the newly created web site.  Again, with many hours of research and work they  produced our new web site that we are proud of.  It is for these reasons in that Douglas and Cez are named our Family of the Month for December.


Sir Knight Jim and Carol Rigby

Jim and Carol Rigby, Family of the Month for November

Jim and Carol Rigby, Family of the Month for November

Our Family of the month for November 2013 goes to the Jim and Carol Rigby Family. During November, Jim spent over 20 hours preparing, coordinating and executing our council’s very successful Memorial Service. He is also the chairman of our councils new First Degree Team and put on two first degrees in November as well as being our councils Financial Secretary. He visited our Brothers that were hospitalized in November and served as a Eucharistic Minister during Sunday Masses. Carol was the director for the woman’s A.C.T.S. retreat for not only women from our parish but also women from other parishes and non Catholics. Carol spent four full days and nights on the retreat with her team of 25 and the 35 retreatants in November in addition to the countless hours of meetings leading up to this. She also teaches Children’s Church each Sunday, chairs the parish weekly yard sales and works Bingo for the church. It is for these reasons that Jim and Carol have been selected as our Family of the Month for November 2013.

Sir Knight Don and Carol Cox

Our Family of the month for October 2013 goes to the Don and Carol Cox Family. During October, Don chaired the very successful Pro Life March at the Biloxi Light House. This took much coordination with not only our council but also getting the word out to other councils for their participation. Don also helped raise funds for our Seminarian Daniel Martinez-Patino by working in the parish hall kitchen during Bingo’s. He also coordinated more of the activities of our council so we can get new members involved. He did all of this even while his health was on shaky grounds. His wife Carol, was also involved in activities this month such as reading during Masses and being an instrumental member of our Ladies Auxiliary. It is for these reasons that Don and Carol have been selected as our Family of the Month for October 2013.

Brother Knight Shaun and Ophelia Abrahams

Our Family of the month for September 2013 goes to the Shaun and Ophelia Abrahams family. During September Shaun chaired the very successful Altar Server Appreciation program. This took many hours of research to collect the listing of servers since there had not been any consolidated list earlier. His coordinating with others  helped make sure this program was a success. During September, Ophelia served as reader at Mass and stepped up to the plate to become the Spiritual Director for the up coming Woman’s ACTS retreat and their son’s Jordan and Liam both served as Altar Servers. It is for these reasons that our council has selected Shaun and Ophelia Abrahams as our Family of the Month for the month of September 2013. 

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